Respecting the environment in which we live is of utmost importance to our future

Sustainability means saving

Energy Efficiency:
The new European directive that calls for a reduction in energy consumption by 20% by the year 2020.
Insulation can help European industries cut down on their fuel consumption by 620 Pj, the equivalent of the energy consumption by 10 million families, as well as on their carbon dioxide emissions. This comes out of the European Industrial Insulation Foundation in its report analyzing potential energy savings to be had from insulation in all regions, sectors, equipped structures and temperatures attrezzature with the right instrumentation. The study shows that the potential in question is not currently exploited and that European industries are losing energy and money every day; indeed, the analysis shows that more than 10% of industrial plant elements are not thermically insulated or are coated with harmful insulation materials. Moreover, the level of insulation is generally low due to cost considerations: this happens because only maximum surface temperature requirements are taken into consideration.

It is practically definite that the European directive aims at reducing energy consumption by 20% by the year 2020; this goal can be reached also through better maintenance and optimum insulation of plant systems.
Among other things, investments on thermal insulation are generally recuperated in less than a year. Within the context of the European Union this would represent 3.5 billion euro savings a year to industry.

Saving means Quality of Life

An accurate assessment is required of the area to be insulated in relation to the type and working characteristics of the plant. Temperatures of some equipment can reach up to 800 degrees Celcius, therefore insulation must have suitable thermal and mechanical properties which maintain the necessary requirements for even water resistance and resistance to corrosion.
Plants must also have the necessary qualities to support jumps in temperatures as well as those caused by seasonal climactic changes. Good thermal insulation in a company means reduced quantities of combustibles to burn, decreased atmospheric pollution and greater energy savings as a result during production cycles. Energy savings translate into a reduction of toxic substance emissions into the workplace thereby promoting a healthier quality of life for all of us; in recognition of this we are proud to contribute to sustaining the environment that surrounds us for ourselves and our children.