Clients are closely accompanied from planning to execution stages


Making wise choices today means living better tomorrow. Today you have the certainty that your plans will be elaborated and carried out at their best by a staff of qualified technicians, and tomorrow you will have the security of knowing that we are a leading company in the sector of industrial thermal insulation at your service as a reliable partner over time.

All scaffolding used follows ministerial directive norms and respect safety coefficients concerning load and stress so as to safeguard working safety.
I ponteggi e impalcature utilizzate sono a norma con le direttive ministeriali e rispettano i coefficienti di sicurezza riguardo ai carichi, alle sollecitazioni per tutelare l’incolumità dei lavoratori.

From the Planning to Execution Stages

Our staff surveys your worksite, or if the plans are still on paper then the technical drawings are used to get all the necessary data with a dedicated software; our technical office then draws up an estimate of costs and and proposes suitable solutions taking into account the type of plant system and insulation to be used.
Final testing is a very important phase since all elements are checked thoroughly so that the entire plant functions and maintains all characteristics from the planning phase. In this delicate stage our technicians are present to accompany plant workers and those who provided tubing, flanges and connection systems.

At the service of the client

Our clients are closely accompanied during all stage and when it is necessary to carry out maintenance procedures on plant systems. There are climactic situation and uses that are particularly damaging and can cause wear on materials used. In these cases, we propose a package that provides for programmed maintenance with specialed personnel on site.

Our clients are not only accompanied across Italy, but also outside of Italy. Abroad, La Rosa Insulation produced insulation for the manufacturing, chemical and agribusiness sectors. Our administrative offices carry out all the necessary requirements for correct operations abroad, respecting all safety and legal norms of the various countries.

Quality and Instruments

Each working phase requires maximum attention and precision: often tenths of millimetres can be of great importance. Just as is imporant the certified quality of materials used: from insulation materials to the ones used in finishings, and from scaffolding structures to fixing screws. Just as is the constant research for new production solutions studiend and acquired over time; this know-how is very precious and it represents the best guarantee of quality today for our clients.

The quality of the working phase also depends on the instruments used. Numerically-controlled machinery, rollers, plasma cutting lines, benders, cesoie shears, flanging machines are all used daily by expert hands. These are reliable instruments when working with iron and aluminum, materials that can have different forms and high quality finishing; pre-assembled metal coatings are produced in our laboratory and then assembled and installed by our staff afterwards.

Materials are stored elsewhere in a large and bright warehouse where raw materials are worked on in precise work area while pre-assembled components are first checked and then loaded onto trucks to go to the worksites.

Quick Intervention Times

Quick intervention times are important in the organization of a company. A team of technicians is always ready to intervene just in time whenever extraordinary maintenance must be carried out.

One of the philosophies that the La Rosa's companies principles are based on is that of Lean Thinking, or in other words, identifying waste and then eliminating it, and producing more with less resources. From an organizational point of view everyone is given responsibility and involved in an operational approach that brings about a radical change of thinking by all personnel. It is a brave choice, activated by a strong group of directors, and it is one that is dynamic and innovative which the entire company is involved in, namely to combat waste, so as to promote flexibility and reduce working times.