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Flues, chimneys and hoods

The technicians in our planning office analyze and study customized solutions for chimneys, hoods and flues that have varying exigencies, to guarantee increased durability and profit over time.
When our technicians create a flue system, they take into account important parametres that are fundamental to the efficiency operation of the ducting: materials must be resistant to high temperature and gas-proof, and the route of the ducting must not slant more than 45° and its dimensions must be based on precise data. A hermetically sealed inspection door is also installed to allow for cleaning of the chimney.

All our products, including flues for boilers, chimneys and hoods, are manufactured with top quality
material in full compliance with current regulations as the installation of flues must comply with stringent safety standards.

Installation of exhaust systems must follow rigid procedures as per precise existing security norms. A project is valid when it is developed into a suitable system that once installed leads to good functioning of the chimney and with an optimum draft.


Proofing of a building, whether it is an industrial structure or a home is necessary to guarantee suitable protection against atmospheric agents, and the maintaining of suitable standards of safety for the environoment in which we live and which we work. In fact, a damp environment provides fertile ground for moulds and these can cause serious damage to the health of people who live there.

After analyszing a problem, our technical staff is able to draw up a customized plan regarding the installation of high quality materials thermo-adhesive sheets, synthetic mantles and bitumen coatings all of the latest generation. La Rosa insulation always proposes innovative materials and solutions that guarantee excellent results regarding endurance and durability over time, with special attention given to respect for the environment.

La Rosa Isolamenti can waterproof multipurpose surfaces such as civil and industrial roofs, flat or curved roofs, balconies, hanging gardens, garages and much more. Our completion times are very short in order to make the treated area promptly operational thus optimizing the customers’ investments.

Thermal overcladdings

Increased sensibility to sustainable projects in order to safeguard our environment and the need to save energy due to increasing energy costs means that there is an even wider request for exterior insulation and finishing systems for housing and business offices.

A thermal overcladding, used as an insulated cladding, reduces thermal dispersion and ensures a good climatic comfort inside the home, thus saving on the cost of energy used to heat or cool living areas.

The exterior insulation and finishing system is made of materials (cork panels, wood fibre, polystyrene, etc.) that have been studied and assembled to provide maximum thermal efficiency; made to measure with an excellent quality and price ratio, these systems are applied internally or externally by our specialized technicians who take into consideration the thickness and different coefficients of thermal conductivity of the materials used.